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  • The Deborah Lindquist Eco Lifestyle Collection is a bespoke collection of unique eco conscious women’s clothing, accessories, home decorative accessories, and couture fashion created from a blend of sustainable, organic, and recycled materials. Shop on the category links below or click here.


  • Our Vegan brand Green Queen by Deborah Lindquist is focused on basic, active, and handworked lifestyle pieces for women and men. Fabrics are a mix of sustainable, organic, and one of a kind fabrics. Shop on the category links below or click here.


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    • Amie said…
      Absolutely perfect! I came to Deborah with an ill fitting wedding gown that had brought me to tears. I have an extreme hour glass shape that is hard to fit, which makes me very self conscious. The wedding dress sample that I had tried on was quite different from the dress I received, and Deborah completely saved the day by turning it into the best fitting, most flattering and supportive gown I could have hoped for. Thank you, Deborah, for your patience, your kindness, your humor and your talent!

      Wedding Gown Alteration and Bustle
    • Betty said…
      I had a vision for my wedding dress and I couldn’t see myself in these over the top dresses nowadays. She was recommended to me by another designer and luckily enough she was also near me. She knows her stuff; very pleasant to work with and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to have something unique and their own. She is very talented, I’m glad I got to work with her on my wedding dress, I absolutely loved it!

      Testimonial-Deborah Lindquist Weddings
    • My wedding dress was designed by Deborah Lindquist, and it was an amazing experience, from start to finish. She designed me the most beautiful, sexy and unique dress, that fit my personality perfectly! I loved the dress so much, that I planned our renewal of our vows 10 years later, so I could wear it again! This time, our children got to be there with us, which was even more special.

      Testimonial-Deborah Lindquist Weddings
    • juliette wedding dress deborah lindquist

      I LOVED my dress from Deborah… It was the 2-piece Juliette dress in vintage lace. It was certainly not your typical fru-fru princess dress… It was sexy and romantic. When my husband saw me for the first time on our wedding day, he said it was like no wedding dress he had ever seen before.and it was absolutely perfect, the most beautiful dress he’s ever seen.
      Thank you again, Deborah, for making the perfect gown for my big day!

      Testimonial-Deborah Lindquist Weddings
    • Words cannot explain how much I loved my dress on my wedding day, and how it helped make my special day even more special. EVERYONE kept telling me that my dress and my sister’s maid of honor dress were the most beautiful they had ever seen at a wedding. Thank you Deb!!!! Also, it was super comfortable and for a strapless dress I never once had to pull it up, it even stayed on when my hubby backflipped me during the Rumba.

      Testimonial-Deborah Lindquist Weddings
    • Testimonial-Green Carpet-I love the three Deborah Lindquist gowns I own. I have worn them at various red carpet film events. They are stunning.-Erin

      Testimonial-Deborah Lindquist Special Occasion Gowns
    • I’ve worked with Deborah Lindquist as a professional photographer, who photographed her winter wedding dresses. Our several photo shoots together have been nothing but perfect. -Autumn Stankay

      Endorsement-Deborah Lindquist Weddings
    • I wear Deborah Lindquist Eco couture at many red carpet events as well as utilized her as a costume designer in the films I produce. Her level of professionalism coupled with her creativity has been unmatched.

      Testimonial-Deborah Lindquist Eco Couture
    • Testimonial-Green Carpet-I bought a fabulous blue sari corset dress drom Deborah Lindquist that I wore to the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles last month. The dress fit so well as if it were custom made for me.-Anne

      Testimonial-Deborah Lindquist Eco Couture
    • My wife and I are full time wedding photographers. Every so often we will find models and plan stylized shoots to showcase new ideas in the wedding world. For a good number of these shoots we have used Deborah’s gowns! Her dresses are some of the most fabulous we have ever seen in the industry! -Lukas Van Dyke

      Endorsements-Deborah Lindquist Weddings