• feather steampunk neckpiece

    feather steampunk neckpiece

  • Hazel Beaded wool gown

    Hazel Beaded wool gown. Vintage beaded wool with silk charmeuse and english net skirt.

  • Eloise wool beaded bustier

    Eloise wool beaded bustier. Eco friendly up cycled beaded wool. hook back closure.

  • Flora Wool Beaded Corset

    Flora Wool Beaded Corset. Eco friendly up cycled beaded wool with hook front and corset back.

  • Grace beaded wool wedding bustier

    Grace beaded wool wedding bustier. Eco friendly up cycled beaded wool. hook front, corset back.

  • Emma beaded wool gown.

    Emma beaded wool gown. Eco friendly up cycled Vintage beaded wool with english net and silk.