The portrait offers a magical glimpse into the personality of the person being photographed. While the grandness or simplicity of the gown is what we may remember most, the true beauty requires a closer focus. The details take on a new meaning. A relaxed mood, beautiful lighting, hair, and makeup are all part of what makes a portrait magical.

As a professional dancer and model, our model Phoebe Phillips possesses the ability to make graceful movement and stillness appear effortless. Her personality shines through and the resulting images are uniquely romantic.

Photographer Tommy Nguyen uses moody lighting to capture Phoebe’s beauty and the hand beaded details of the wedding and special occasion bustier and gowns. Created from vintage sweaters, each bustier is one of a kind and handmade. See them all on the wedding and special occasion shop pages.

Hairstylist Cassi Young-Paxton creates unique shapes with texture and braids for a modern twist on bridal and special occasion hair.

The romantic makeup looks created by Crystal Watana are fresh and understated.

Many thanks to our creative team who together created the modern, romantic portrait looks.
See our feature in Astound magazine on the Press link.