Dressember 2018

I will be wearing dresses for the month of December in order to raise funds and awareness for the issue of human trafficking, a movement known as Dressember.

I care deeply about the health and well being of all life on our planet. In my work as an eco clothing designer, my business is focused on creating clothing, accessories, and home decor using organic, sustainable, and upcycled materials with ethical production methods. Both my business and personal choices are reflective of my  lifestyle choices. I buy organic food, grow some of my own as a sustainable urban gardener, and am connected to many eco conscious groups, businesses, and people.

I joined the Dressember team “Freedom Fashion” last year and loved the support and enthusiasm of being in a group to fundraise for this important cause. Dressember also appeals to me personally because I’m in the fashion business. Ethical companies like mine are held to a very high standard, but that is not the case in the trillion dollar fast fashion business. Most often fast fashion factories are based in China, Cambodia, India or Bangladesh, with garment and textile workers working in dire and unsafe conditions for pennies a day. These workers are often denied basic human rights, and many are also part of the slave/sex trade.

I feel it is my mission to inspire people to care about how their clothing is made and the impact fast fashion has on the environment and human life. For this reason I feel that it is important personally for me to be part of this movement to fight against modern day slavery and sex trafficking. I feel that together we can help to keep each other safe from harm and also to help to rescue and rehabilitate survivors of this vicious industry.

My personal Dressember fundraising donation and information link is here.  All donations are tax deductible.

Part of my fundraising efforts are also through sales on my website. I’ll donate 20% of purchases by customers using the code #Dressember through the month of December. Your donation will  also include free US standard shipping.

From aiding in the funding of a rescue operation, supplying immediate urgent needs of the victims, to aftercare counseling and support, the cost of rescue and aftercare is as staggering as the number of victims which today is set at 30 million people worldwide. Our goal as a team is $50,000. With your help we can reach our goal and transform lives.

See Ceo and founder Blythe Hill as she shares her story on how wearing a dress can change the world on this link.

“Something that started as a simple idea became a global movement that created a pathway for not just me, but thousands of women to put a stop to one of the greatest injustices of our time. ”

— Blythe hill, ceo + founder