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  • Love Lives Here.

    Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary was founded for the purpose of giving animals who faced cruelty and neglect a loving home to share their stories. Love truly lives here. Each animal has its own story, some of which we learned as we met and worked with the most willing participants for our vegan photoshoot.

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  • A Tropical Elopement

    “Lets just run off and get married!” Historically an elopement could go like this: A dress stuffed into an overnight bag, a ladder outside the bedroom window, and a cool getaway car. The young couple in love would speed off to get married in a secret ceremony, without permission. It’s a story of romantic rebellion […]

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  • Victorian Inspired Weddings

    A modern take on Neo-Impressionist painter Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” is the setting for the Victorian Inspired Weddings photoshoot. Romantic and feminine, the vintage beaded wool corsets showcased in this collection are one of a kind, paired with silk and hemp/silk bustled skirts for two-piece wedding looks, and accessorized with vintage […]

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  • To the Olympians

    deborah lindquist

    It’s really amazing to me what the human body can do with the right attitude, intestinal fortitude, and practice, practice, practice. For the last couple of weeks we’ve seen athletes from all over the world perform at the top of their game at the Summer Olympics in London. The thrill of winning the gold contrasted […]

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  • Flower Power

    Flowers are everywhere. From the tiniest, nearly invisible desert flowers to the gigantic fragrant peonies in your Grandma’s garden, blooms are abundant. Nothing makes me happier than a garden in bloom. (I’m a farmer’s daughter and growing up, I loved picking them in our beautiful gardens) So its no wonder that cheerful floral patterns make […]

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