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  • What is Sustainable Fashion and Why Does it Matter Today?

    What is sustainable fashion and why does it matter today? Sustainability has been defined as “Treating the world as if you wanted to stay.” But in today’s fashion world, the business model for the most profitable, billion dollar fast fashion companies in the world is the race to the bottom. To keep labor costs low […]

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  • The Survivor Campaign

    We’ve recently combined our 2 sites (Green Queen Clothing and Deborah Lindquist) into one. This is a repost of one of our blogs from our Green Queen site, about a creative collaboration with one of my favorite people, Stefanie La Rue. Stefanie sadly lost her battle with cancer May 31, 2017. Her fearlessness and tenacity […]

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  • Rock Your Inner Elvira

    When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was fascinated by the altars depicting skeletons sitting at a table having tea, laying in bed together and dressing up in hats carrying shopping bags, among other scenarios. It looked a little creepy to me, but so theatrically artistic. I came to realize that the profound, fearful […]

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  • Back To The Basics-via Huffington Post

    Back To The Basics-Via Huffington Post  By Deborah Lindquist Seasons change. But it’s nice to know you can always wear your favorite go-to basics in any season. As summer winds down and fall creeps in, adding some new versatile basic pieces to your wardrobe makes your life a little less complicated. Read more on Huffington […]

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