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  • What is Sustainable Fashion and Why Does it Matter Today?

    What is sustainable fashion and why does it matter today? Sustainability has been defined as “Treating the world as if you wanted to stay.” But in today’s fashion world, the business model for the most profitable, billion dollar fast fashion companies in the world is the race to the bottom. To keep labor costs low […]

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  • Love Lives Here.

    Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary was founded for the purpose of giving animals who faced cruelty and neglect a loving home to share their stories. Love truly lives here. Each animal has its own story, some of which we learned as we met and worked with the most willing participants for our vegan photoshoot.

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  • Dressember 2018

    I will be wearing dresses for the month of December in order to raise funds and awareness for the issue of human trafficking, a movement known as Dressember. I care deeply about the health and well being of all life on our planet. In my work as an eco clothing designer, my business is focused on […]

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