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  • The Portrait

    The portrait offers a magical glimpse into the personality of the person being photographed. While the grandness or simplicity of the gown is what we may remember most, the true beauty requires a closer focus. The details take on a new meaning. A relaxed mood, beautiful lighting, hair, and makeup are all part of what […]

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  • The Honeymoon

    The Honeymoon Photos by Wynston Fernando The vows, the ring, the kiss, the dance. The wedding ceremony is complete, and with well wishes and toasts from loved ones, you’re onto your next and most romantic adventure, The Honeymoon. The Honeymoon is perhaps the best part of your new life together because nothing is truly required […]

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  • Auroura + Finn-A Dark Fairytale Wedding

    Aurora + Finn-A Dark Fairytale Wedding Dramatic, enchanting and moody, this Dark Fairytale Wedding photoshoot is one of the most uniquely romantic and artistic productions I have ever been fortunate enough to participate in. Ari Dee and Matthiu Verlust are a real life engaged couple, and together they make a beautiful and charismatic Auroura and […]

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  • A Gatsby Inspired Wedding

    A Modern, Gatsby Inspired Wedding featuring a minimalist bias gown and flapper inspired danceable reception dress. While at first glance the Gatsby inspired wedding and reception looks may not appear minimalist at all, the gown and reception dresses are actually body conscious, bias cut slip dresses. What makes a statement in this Gatsby inspired wedding […]

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  • Victorian Inspired Weddings

    A modern take on Neo-Impressionist painter Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” is the setting for the Victorian Inspired Weddings photoshoot. Romantic and feminine, the vintage beaded wool corsets showcased in this collection are one of a kind, paired with silk and hemp/silk bustled skirts for two-piece wedding looks, and accessorized with vintage […]

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  • A Bohemian Wedding

    bohemian weddings

    A wedding in the wildflowers is a perfect setting for a bohemian wedding. With majestic mountainside views and a carpet of golden flowers, it appears that nature has pulled together the most serene and romantic eco conscious wedding location on its own. And what could be more simply beautiful than that? A bohemian lifestyle has […]

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  • A Tropical Wedding

    juliette lace wedding gown

    A Tropical wedding couldn’t be more beautifully romantic. Ocean breezes, lush vegetation, and the unique, hypnotic scent of plumeria create a magical wedding day experience. It’s almost as if all you have to do is just show up and, voila, everything is just glorious. Choosing a wedding gown created from eco conscious natural fibers is […]

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  • A Balinese Inspired Love Story

    I love creating wedding gowns and also love telling love stories in photos. I’m interested in how couples meet, fall in love, and get married. The wedding ceremony is of course an important part–as the celebration of their commitment to each other. But it’s their life together, what they love to do, and their personalities […]

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  • The Fall Wedding


     The Fall Wedding-A Step Away From Traditional The showy display of vibrant fall colors is splendid and inspiring this time of year. It’s as if the trees are showing us just how truly beautiful they can be before they drop their leaves to the ground, take a rest, and then begin the process all over […]

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  • The Winter Wedding-Via Huffington Post

    By Deborah Lindquist Under a clear blue sky on a snowy mountaintop in Aspen or in an intricately carved ice castle church in Sweden surrounded by gently falling snow, a winter wedding is something unusually spectacular. While some of our friends in cold, snowy regions may be tired of the white stuff, there is something […]

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  • Marilyn Dress Collaborative Photoshoot with Suzy And Lukas Van Dyke

    Photographers Suzy and Lukas Van Dyke really know how to tell a romantic story with photographs. My Marilyn Dress is featured in this romantic and whimsical French-themed photoshoot, at a location reminiscent of the French countryside. The furniture, place settings, flowers, and that cute striped Parisian garter. Love it all. See all the photos on their blog here.

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  • Southern Plantation Wedding Shoot

    I was fortunate to be chosen to collaborate with the talented husband-and-wife photography team Lukas and Suzy Van Dyke for their Stylized Southern Plantation Wedding Shoot. My Dana Dress is the featured bridal gown photographed at the rustically romantic Mc Gee House in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The resulting photos are absolutely breathtaking. I can’t even describe how beautiful […]

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