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  • Sweater Dressing

    Sweater Dressing. As we step into early fall, what makes most wardrobe sense is creative layering. Because even though the calendar indicates we have experienced the fall equinox, the temperatures bounce around from hot to chilly and back again. Unique layering pieces that become new staples are important to add to your wardrobe this season. […]

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  • Spirit

    In Native American spirituality, all things in nature embody a spirit. The rocks, wind, water, plants, fish, birds, four legged creatures, insects– are all sacred and are recognized as integral to human survival. Our relationship between our natural environment and all the creatures and people living within it are one of mystical inter-dependence. This is […]

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  • Pop Art Sweaters and Handbags

    Pop Art Sweaters and Handbags A talisman for protection, a symbol representing the universe, your current mood, and a medicinal plant leaf are all ingredients in the Pop Art Sweaters Collection for fall/holiday 2015. During its emergence in the 1950s, Pop Art challenged the dominant views on what art should be by creating art out […]

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  • The Sweater Savior Project

    partial coverage

    At the top of the new year, many of us make hard decisions about the clothing in our closets. Purging what doesn’t fit, is damaged, or just plain boring is part of our decision making. The sad part is that sometimes a favorite garment appears to be heading toward the rag bag. Often times the piece in question is a moth-eaten cashmere […]

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  • What is Reincarnated Cashmere?

    It’s sweater time! While you may know I call my eco conscious cashmere sweaters “reincarnated”, you may not know why. There are a few other words to describe them: upcycled, recycled, vintage, green, eco friendly, one of a kind. And all those words apply. But the reincarnated tagline started sometime in 2004, before the popular […]

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  • Pattern Play-A Collaboration

    deborah lindquist

    My world is full of collaborations with talented photographers, models, makeup and hair artists these days. A creative and out-of the-box way to showcase each person’s talent, the outcome is often breathtaking and beyond what I could have planned alone. The shoot created in collaboration with Autumn Stankay of Skysight Photography and her team is […]

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  • The Winter Wedding-Via Huffington Post

    By Deborah Lindquist Under a clear blue sky on a snowy mountaintop in Aspen or in an intricately carved ice castle church in Sweden surrounded by gently falling snow, a winter wedding is something unusually spectacular. While some of our friends in cold, snowy regions may be tired of the white stuff, there is something […]

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  • A Country Life

          Photos by Kay Greenwood A fashionable Brit girl at her country home is the theme of “A Country Life”. Surrounded by her loving and attentive animals which include chickens, horses, dogs, and pot belly pigs, she looks just as much at home in her flower gardens and country surroundings as she does […]

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  • Into the Wild, A Love Story

    How do 2 people meet and fall in love? I enjoy exploring that question… Is it our similarities that draw us together, animal attraction, luck? “Into the Wild, A Love Story” is a story told in images of a mystical couple who meet by chance in a lush wetlands area where plants and wildlife thrive. […]

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