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  • Dressember

    Our Freedom Fashion Team In support of Dressember, a global movement to stop human trafficking, I joined a group of women and men committed to ending human trafficking, the global sex trade, and slavery worldwide. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and our work continues through the month of January. From aiding in the funding […]

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  • Bye Bye Etsy! The Questionable Antics of the Integrity Team

    Beware of creating an Etsy shop. I have had an Etsy shop since about 2006 for my Deborah Lindquist brand, and about 2 years for Green Queen. Most everything I sell on my websites could also be found on Etsy. It seemed an ok place to sell, and for me mostly attracted wedding and special […]

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  • The Portrait

    The portrait offers a magical glimpse into the personality of the person being photographed. While the grandness or simplicity of the gown is what we may remember most, the true beauty requires a closer focus. The details take on a new meaning. A relaxed mood, beautiful lighting, hair, and makeup are all part of what […]

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  • Urban Nomad

    Urban Nomad. A collection of handwoven, plant dyed cotton Mali strip weave Indigo and Mudcloth apparel and accessories. Accessorized with fossil and fish skin jewelry. Long believed to be a representation of abundance and psychic connection, the color Indigo has been said to have the ability to make ideas and inspirations appear literally “out of […]

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  • Auroura + Finn-A Dark Fairytale Wedding

    Aurora + Finn-A Dark Fairytale Wedding Dramatic, enchanting and moody, this Dark Fairytale Wedding photoshoot is one of the most uniquely romantic and artistic productions I have ever been fortunate enough to participate in. Ari Dee and Matthiu Verlust are a real life engaged couple, and together they make a beautiful and charismatic Auroura and […]

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  • The Wind, the Gown and the Ball.

    The Wind, the Gown and the Ball. I spent a very windy Sunday at the Melrose Trading Post this summer. So windy in fact, that my neighbor to the left packed up and went home within a couple of hours, leaving me to ponder how to wrangle my garments and mannequins in the wind. Especially […]

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  • Les Enfants de Boheme

    Les Enfants de Boheme By Natachee Momaday Gray We don’t deal in absolutes, there are roses around, pretending. Baked, and ill-nurtured as if lured from the present to the past. On the shore of bohemia, picnic tables by the water, caviar and lentils, strawberries and bread curds, the beach is left the way it is […]

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  • Sweater Dressing

    Sweater Dressing. As we step into early fall, what makes most wardrobe sense is creative layering. Because even though the calendar indicates we have experienced the fall equinox, the temperatures bounce around from hot to chilly and back again. Unique layering pieces that become new staples are important to add to your wardrobe this season. […]

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  • A Gatsby Inspired Wedding

    A Modern, Gatsby Inspired Wedding featuring a minimalist bias gown and flapper inspired danceable reception dress. While at first glance the Gatsby inspired wedding and reception looks may not appear minimalist at all, the gown and reception dresses are actually body conscious, bias cut slip dresses. What makes a statement in this Gatsby inspired wedding […]

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  • Dracula

    A feast-for-the-senses photographic adaptation of Bram Stoker’s original Dracula story from 1897. I love creative collaborative photoshoots. Some of them I organize myself, some I’m just a part of. This one falls in the latter and was dreamed up by my uber talented friend Autumn Stankay of Skysight photography and her husband Bill Stankay. In […]

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  • Spirit

    In Native American spirituality, all things in nature embody a spirit. The rocks, wind, water, plants, fish, birds, four legged creatures, insects– are all sacred and are recognized as integral to human survival. Our relationship between our natural environment and all the creatures and people living within it are one of mystical inter-dependence. This is […]

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  • Pop Art Sweaters and Handbags

    Pop Art Sweaters and Handbags A talisman for protection, a symbol representing the universe, your current mood, and a medicinal plant leaf are all ingredients in the Pop Art Sweaters Collection for fall/holiday 2015. During its emergence in the 1950s, Pop Art challenged the dominant views on what art should be by creating art out […]

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