• For The Love Of Bees

    This morning on my way to my yoga class, I spotted an extermination truck with the tagline “Kills Everything”. Imagine a world without birds, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and the beautiful and magical garden creatures that make a garden a sanctuary. But yet this is an idea that is presented as an excellent business slogan… If […]

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  • Dressing Your Mom in Style for Mother’s Day-Via Huffington Post

    Border applique sweater and Vintage Kimono Skirt

    “Are you wearing that?” My mom asks me. In my fearless quest to create my teenage sense of style, I did sometimes come up with “interesting” ideas. “Oh, do you mean this purple turtleneck bodystocking with a neon lime green micro miniskirt?” (This was before Punk Glam designer Stephen Sprouse made neon a hot trend.) […]

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  • Celebrate Earth Month In Style-Via Huffington Post

    Our Mother Earth is abundantly and powerfully beautiful. Sometimes in our hurry to be who we are every day, we forget to stop and literally “smell the roses.” April is Earth Month, so what better time to stop for a moment, appreciate the beauty around us, and dress up a bit to celebrate. There are […]

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  • The Eco Garden

    I design and make eco clothing as a profession but create eco gardens for my soul. Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, fields and gardens were a major part of my family’s lives. We fed ourselves, many relatives, and supplied local markets with the food we grew there. My Mom tended lush flower gardens […]

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  • The Color Green, St Patrick’s Day, & The End of the Rainbow-Via Huffpost

    Photo of Ingrid Haubert by Pattie Traynor When the Empire State Building changed its lights to Green, I felt it may be safer to stay indoors. I launched my business in Manhattan during the 80’s and on St Patrick’s day, people would get a little too crazy with the green beer, or whatever green substance […]

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  • Serendipity, Rob the Mob, Love & the Gun, and Tamela d’Amico

    cassandra red wedding gown-deborah lindquist

    Photo by Anjani Lynn White “I’m recording the music video for a new movie, and the producers want me to look like this.” Tamela D’Amico showed me a photo of a woman in a red bustier dress. “ I told them that I might already know this designer…..” Serendipity is such a wonderful, magical thing. Sure […]

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  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Fashion-Via Huffington Post

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Fashion-Via Huffington Post Where would we be without Love? A Valentine’s Day celebration can be as simple as a little heart-shaped candy containing the message “Be Mine” or as dramatic as a proposal for marriage. No matter what the day brings, it’s a day to celebrate love, the most powerful force […]

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  • The Winter Wedding-Via Huffington Post

    By Deborah Lindquist Under a clear blue sky on a snowy mountaintop in Aspen or in an intricately carved ice castle church in Sweden surrounded by gently falling snow, a winter wedding is something unusually spectacular. While some of our friends in cold, snowy regions may be tired of the white stuff, there is something […]

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  • Via Huffington Post: Deborah Lindquist: The Fashion of a Fantastical Future: Steampunk

    At the dawn of this new year, we may feel that we are at a tipping point. The past year is just behind us, and the future is still being designed in our imagination. Maybe we want to re-write history a bit, letting go of some past memories, pull up roots, change our lifestyle. Anything […]

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  • The Art of Thank You

    Handwriting a proper thank you may seem outdated and old fashioned these days.  Growing up, it was important to my mother that I have good manners, behave, and if I couldn’t manage that, I should “just snap out of it” She also taught me to write thank yous. Thanks for that Mom. Today is her […]

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  • Steampunk: An Eco Conscious Vision of Victorian/Futuristic Alternative History

    At the dawn of the new year, looking both back over the past year and forward to the new year is what many of us do. Our history precedes us and our future is in front of us. How to best create our future may be forefront in our minds. Perhaps we have decided to […]

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  • Mermaids And Sirens Fashion Show

    The Mermaids and Sirens Fashion Show was held Dec 2, 2013 for Raw Artists at the Key Club in Hollywood. Set to “Love is the Drug” by Roxy Music, the models wore pinupgirl swimsuits, bustiers, special occasion and wedding dresses by Deborah Lindquist Eco Couture and vegan shoes by Mink. The creative makeup and hair […]

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