• The Sweater Savior Project

    partial coverage

    At the top of the new year, many of us make hard decisions about the clothing in our closets. Purging what doesn’t fit, is damaged, or just plain boring is part of our decision making. The sad part is that sometimes a favorite garment appears to be heading toward the rag bag. Often times the piece in question is a moth-eaten cashmere […]

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  • What is Reincarnated Cashmere?

    cashmere cardigan sweater deborah lindquist

    It’s sweater time! While you may know I call my eco conscious cashmere sweaters “reincarnated”, you may not know why. There are a few other words to describe them: upcycled, recycled, vintage, green, eco friendly, one of a kind. And all those words apply. But the reincarnated tagline started sometime in 2004, before the popular […]

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  • The Fall Wedding


     The Fall Wedding-A Step Away From Traditional The showy display of vibrant fall colors is splendid and inspiring this time of year. It’s as if the trees are showing us just how truly beautiful they can be before they drop their leaves to the ground, take a rest, and then begin the process all over […]

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  • The Metallic Wedding Gown-via Huffington Post

    deborah lindquist

    By Deborah Lindquist One of the most glamorous trends in weddings today is metallic wedding gowns. While the thought of considering a metallic wedding gown may bring up visions of bad disco dressing back in the Studio 54 days or blinding pageant dresses, the high fashion/glamorous version of today is a subtle metallic sheen. Even […]

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  • Pattern Play-A Collaboration

    deborah lindquist

    My world is full of collaborations with talented photographers, models, makeup and hair artists these days. A creative and out-of the-box way to showcase each person’s talent, the outcome is often breathtaking and beyond what I could have planned alone. The shoot created in collaboration with Autumn Stankay of Skysight Photography and her team is […]

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  • Maria Montgomery-Miss Kentucky Photoshoot


    I am so happy to share these photos of Maria Montgomery, Miss Kentucky 2009. Maria is photographed by one of my favorite wedding photgrapher teams, Suzy and Lukas Van Dyke at their wedding venue in Harrodsburg, Ky. The McGee House is an eclectic colonial home transformed into a wedding venue. The rustic home and outbuildings […]

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  • The Praying Mantis


    Garden critters seem to know I love them and because of that often pose for a photo or come into the house to visit. Birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, lizards, frogs have all been short term visitors until I relocate them to a more agreeable location in my eco friendly garden. Not that I don’t appreciate the […]

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  • For The Love Of Bees

    Bee Bonnet

    This morning on my way to my yoga class, I spotted an extermination truck with the tagline “Kills Everything”. Imagine a world without birds, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and the beautiful and magical garden creatures that make a garden a sanctuary. But yet this is an idea that is presented as an excellent business slogan… If […]

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  • Dressing Your Mom in Style for Mother’s Day-Via Huffington Post

    Border applique sweater and Vintage Kimono Skirt

    “Are you wearing that?” My mom asks me. In my fearless quest to create my teenage sense of style, I did sometimes come up with “interesting” ideas. “Oh, do you mean this purple turtleneck bodystocking with a neon lime green micro miniskirt?” (This was before Punk Glam designer Stephen Sprouse made neon a hot trend.) […]

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  • Celebrate Earth Month In Style-Via Huffington Post

    Deborah Lindquist Eco Couture Photo by Barry Druxman

    Our Mother Earth is abundantly and powerfully beautiful. Sometimes in our hurry to be who we are every day, we forget to stop and literally “smell the roses.” April is Earth Month, so what better time to stop for a moment, appreciate the beauty around us, and dress up a bit to celebrate. There are […]

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  • The Eco Garden


    I design and make eco clothing as a profession but create eco gardens for my soul. Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, fields and gardens were a major part of my family’s lives. We fed ourselves, many relatives, and supplied local markets with the food we grew there. My Mom tended lush flower gardens […]

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  • The Color Green, St Patrick’s Day, & The End of the Rainbow-Via Huffpost

    #1 camo parachute

    Photo of Ingrid Haubert by Pattie Traynor When the Empire State Building changed its lights to Green, I felt it may be safer to stay indoors. I launched my business in Manhattan during the 80’s and on St Patrick’s day, people would get a little too crazy with the green beer, or whatever green substance […]

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